Rhodonite Tumbled Stone - Each

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Tumbled Healing Stone
Style: Rhodonite
Size: Sizes Vary
Qty/pkg: 1 piece
Description: Pink rhodonite contrasts with black maganese oxide in this tumbled gemstone.
As a healing stone, it helps express confidence and a loving nature. It also assists in placing other’s influence in perspective and calms the soul through the heart. In antiquity, rhodonite was given to travelers as a protective stone, it was said to warn them of imminent danger by causing the heartbeat to accelerate suddenly. No two gemstones will be exactly alike because each one has its own unique combination of pattern and colour.
Kind: Tumbled Stones
Size: Various
Colour Family: Pink, Brown
Shape: Various
Finish: Polished
Material: Rhodonite
Packaging: 1/pk
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