Preciosa Crystal Beads Guide

Preciosa is a world leader in the production of high-quality crystal glass, including beads and pendants, with a history of manufacturing crystal glass components dating back to 1724. Preciosa crystal is made in Czechoslovakia, within the historical bead making region of Bohemia, with their headquarters in the town of Jablonec. To learn more about bead making in this region and crystal Czech glass in general read our History of Czech Glass which details the earlier years of glass bead production, through two World Wars, via the Communist factory system right up to the present day.

Preciosa specialize in the production of machine cut beads, chatons and rhinestone jewellery components which compare extremely favourably with that well known Austrian crystal manufacturer founded by Daniel Swarovski – who was actually born in Jablonec and learnt his trade and developed his skills there. Preciosa crystal glass is of the highest quality and is available in great variety of colours, coatings, cuts, shapes and sizes. Because they are machine cut for precision, using cutting edge technologies, their durability and optical perfection guarantees that the crystals will not wear down or lose their brilliance.

Preciosa Crystal Beads Colour Chart