Natural Round Sinew 8oz Spool

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Style: Round

Size: 70lb test

Colour: Natural

Qty/Pkg: Approx 1000 feet

Description: This round simulated sinew (also commonly referred to as artificial sinew) is made with twisted waxy strands to form a nice round shaped thread. Because of this, it is much stronger than regular flat sinew. Certainly round artificial sinew is a better option for projects that do not require splitting the sinew into thinner plies. Ideal for stringing chokers and breastplates. Spool weighs 1/2 pound and contains approximately 1000 feet of sinew.

Kind: Artificial Sinew
Colour Family: Brown
Shape: Round
Type: 70lbs
Finish: Waxed
Material: Polyester
Packaging: 1000ft/pk
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