4mm Peridot Preciosa Bicone Each

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4mm Preciosa Crystal Bicone
Style: Bicone
Size: 4mm with 0.6mm hole
Colour: Peridot
Qty/Pkg: 1 piece
Description: Preciosa crystal beads and pendants are precisely machine cut in the Czech republic using state of the art technology in the manufacturing process. Their durability and perfection of cut assure jewellery makers that the crystal will not wear down or lose its brilliance. Preciosa Quality and origin guarantee: For centuries, Bohemia, a part of the Czech Republic has been known for its crystal. It was here where the art of crystal cutting was perfected. Today, Preciosa is known worldwide for its unique Hi-Pure Crystal Technology. Our crystal products possess extraordinary optical and aesthetic characteristics. The Preciosa GENUINE CZECH CRYSTAL trademark is a guarantee of the finest quality Czech product available only from Preciosa.
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