Triangle Bead Tray 3/pk

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Bead Tray
Style: Triangle
Size: 3 inch
Colour: White
Qty/Pkg: 3 pieces
Description: This bead sorting tray has a triangle shape making it easy to scoop your beads, rhinestones, or findings. Sort your beads into the tray while you're working. When you're ready to put your beads away, pour them directly from the corner back into your bags, tubes, containers or compartments! The angled edges also allow you to use these as bead scoops to chase down loose beads. Set includes three 3 inch triangular plastic trays. Compact and portable. These lightweight trays measure 3 inches W (per side) x 1/2 inch H & are stackable for compact storage.
Kind: Trays / Scoops
Size: 3in
Type: Bead Tray
Packaging: 3/pk
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