Thing-A-Ma-Jig (Beginner)

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Thing-A-Ma-JIG (Beginner)
Style: Thing-A-Ma-JIG™ Wire Working Tool for Making Wire Jewelry Shapes
Size: 3" x 4" Board
Qty/Pkg: 1 piece (Set)
Description: The Thing-A-Ma-JIG™ Beginner Kit is an essential wire working tool for making wire jewelry shapes quickly and easily. Just set your template by placing pegs in the acrylic board, then twist your jewelry making wire around the pegs in any pattern you desire. The shape possibilities are endless, and the Thing-A-Ma-JIG™ helps you keep your shapes uniform! This kit comes with: Acrylic 3 x 4 inch jig board,  20 Pegs in various diameters, Copper, silver and gold wire - 2 yards each, 3 Patterns, and Basic wire working tips. Perfect for a variety of wire jewelry projects. You can also use the Thing-A-Ma-JIG™ to make creative wire craft embellishments for paper arts, scrapbooking, home decor, holiday crafts and more. 1 kit per package.
Brand: Thing-A-Ma-Jig
Kind: Jig Kit
Size: 3in x 4in
Type: Beginner Kit
Packaging: 1 Set
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