Loose White Sage, Lavender & Cedar 1oz

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Loose Sage Smudge Blend
Style: White Sage, Lavender and Cedar
Size: 1 ounce package
Qty/Pkg: 1 piece
Description: This top quality white sage is salvia apiana, also known as buffalo sage. Salvia is from the latin word salvare which means to heal. This natural, freshly picked white sage, lavender and cedar has been harvested from the desert, the forest and the meadow to be dried and offered as a unique smudging blend. The combination of white sage, with the fresh, woody scent of cedar is ideal for cleansing and lavender adds a sense of calm and tranquility. Simply light, blow out flame, and waft the smoke.
Kind: Sage & Sweetgrass, Smudge Sticks
Size: 1 ounce
Material: White Sage, Lavender, Cedar
Packaging: 1oz/pk
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