Drilled Cowrie Shells 10/pk

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Style: Money Cowrie Shell

Size: 14-20mm x 20-23mm

Colour: Natural

Qty/Pkg: 10 pieces

Description: These very popular money cowrie shells are light yellow in color, averaging 3/4" to 1" in length. The Money Cowrie was a shell used on old time Native American dresses. It has a yellow ochre color and is characterized by the dimpled bottom of the shell. One hole was drilled on the narrow top for attachment to dresses and other items. Long before European contact, these shells were an important trade item in North America which were brought inland from the Pacific coast by Native American traders. They were rare, and had a high trade value. Size: about 14~20mm long, 20~23mm wide, 9~13mm thick, hole: 1~2mm.

Colour Family: Cream
Type: Shell
Finish: Natural
Material: Animal Parts
Packaging: 10/pk
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