Czech Miniduo Beads 8g Chalk Light Green Luster

SKU #: 10117 | Item #: DU0403000-14457-TB
MiniDuo Beads
Style: MiniDuo
Size: 2mm x 4mm
Colour: Chalk Light Green Luster
Qty/Pkg: 8 gram vial (approx 168 pieces)
Description: MiniDuo Beads are a Czech made, glass Two Hole Seed bead. 20% smaller than the original Superduo Beads. MiniDuos are a pressed glass bead with guaranteed size and dimensional stability. They measure 2mmx4mm, with two .8mm holes . They are not simply "coated crystal" but actual colored glass with many coating options: Transparent, Opaque, Matte, Color Lined, Picasso, Luster, AB Coating & Magic Line.
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