Czech Candy Beads 22/strand - Baby Blue Pearl Pastel

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Czech Glass Candy Beads
Style: Candy Beads
Size: 8mm
Colour: Baby Blue Pearl Pastel
Qty/Pkg: 22 pieces
Description: Czech pressed glass candy beads feature a two-hole low cabochon with a round base and a diameter of 8 mm. They are slightly domed on the front and flat on the back, so they will lay nicely in your designs. The versatile shape combines well with seed beads and other beads. It can be used for simple stringing or incorporated into complex designs. Its low curvature means that it is easy to sew round and join together.
Brand: Preciosa
Kind: Candy Beads
Size: 8mm
Size in mm: 8mm diameter x 4.9mm thick
Hole Diameter: ~0.8mm
Colour Family: Blue
Shape: Round
Type: Opaque
Finish: Pearl, Pastel
Material: Glass
Origin: Czech Republic
Packaging: 6.5in Strand
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