Pinch of Chilli - Delicate Things Made With Czech Glass Chilli Beads

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Materials and tools:
- PRECIOSA Chilli™ 4x11mm pink, white, orange; 4x for the small part; 6x for the large part; 12x for the clasp
- PRECIOSA Rocailles 6/0 pink, purple, orange; 1x for the small part; 1x for the large part; 6x for the clasp
THE PENDANT: a cord with an end piece, 6 mm rings
THE EARRINGS: earring hooks, 6 mm rings
THE CLASP: glue for non-absorbent material, a 2.7 cm long French clasp
THE NECKLACE: a chain, 6 mm rings, ovals, a carabiner, a counter-ring
A 0.20 mm nylon line; a thin needle; scissors; flat nose pliers (for flattening the end of the line and closing the rings); snipping pliers

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