Black Beading Thread 500m

SKU #: 1833 | Item #: 74423013-01
Black Beading Thread
Style: Nylon Beading Thread
Size: Tex 35 (.008" or 0.20mm)
Colour: Black
Qty/Pkg: 500 meter spool
Description: Light Weight Bonded Nylon CBB33, TEX 35 thread that offers greater strength and brilliance. Suitable for size 15/0 and other small seed beads, for brick stitch, peyote stitch, square stitch and so on, and allows for multiple passes through larger beads. It can be used with a size 12 needle or equivalent. It is a durable beading thread, with a breaking point of 4.5 lb / 2 kg (approximately).
  • Super sewability
  • Light weight thread ideal for Bead work, women's and children's footwear, handbags, and leather articles
  • High tensile strength and elasticity
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Tex: 35
  • Price: $11.95 


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