Big Eye Curved Beading Needles 2/pk

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Beading Needles
Style: Big Eye Curved Beading Needles
Size: .58mm (d) x 3.5" (l)
Colour: Nickel
Qty/Pkg: 2 pieces
Description: The Big Eye Curved Beading Needle makes threading easy. The eye of the needle spans most of its length and retains its shape. Accommodates all sizes of bead cord. Designed specifically for use with a bead spinner, seed beads just jump onto the curved needle like magic! This needle is one big flexible "eye". Seperate the two sections of the needle with your fingers and slide the thread through the "eye". Allow the sections to close. The needle will remain closed and hold the in place as you bead. Turn on the Bead Spinner in the direction of your choice. Gently put the tip of the threaded curved needle in the beads, barely skimming the surface of beads. Do not hit the bottom or sides of the bowl with the needle. Just let is slightly touch the surface with a slight angle and the beads will load onto your needle easily. When you have loaded approximately 2 inches, pull the beads back over the rest of the needle onto the thread. Then begin again. (These needles can be used with any Bead spinner)
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