19 Strand Bead Stringing Wire, .015 Bronze 30ft

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Bead Stringing Wire

Style: 19 Strand

Size: .015" (0.38mm)

Colour: Bronze

Qty/Pkg: 30 feet

Description: Specifically developed for bead stringing, Beadalon 19 Strand is an ideal choice for creating treasures with seed beads, freshwater pearls, and ceramic, crystal & stone beads. Only slightly more expensive than Beadalon 7 Strand, but much more flexible, this wire contains 19 strands of strong stainless steel. Nylon-coated for increased kink and abrasion resistance, Beadalon 19 Strand is easy to work with, super strong, and renders secure jewelry that lasts. Beadalon 19 Strand is also available in smaller diameters for crafting finer, more delicate pieces. Extra-supple Beadalon 19 Strand is the perfect stringing material for designing superior-quality anklets, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and more. Made in USA by Beadalon.

Brand: Beadalon
Kind: Stringing Wire
Size: 0.015in
Colour Family: Bronze
Type: 19 Strand
Finish: Nylon Coated
Material: Stainless Steel
Packaging: 30ft/pk
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