7 Strand Bead Stringing Wire, .015 Satin Silver 100ft

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Bead Stringing Wire

Style: 7 Strand

Size: .015" (0.38mm)

Colour: Satin Silver

Qty/Pkg: 100 feet

Description: Satin Colors are wires nylon coated in soft, matte shades of Silver, Gold, and Copper. This value-priced colored bead stringing wire gives you the look of Silver, Gold, and Copper without the cost of plating or precious metal. The unique nylon color-coating provides your designs with added kink resistance, and works especially well for bracelets and other designs that require less drape. The wire beneath the coating is our dependable, 7 strand stainless steel that is stronger and more flexible than Tiger Tail. Made in USA by Beadalon.

Brand: Beadalon
Kind: Stringing Wire
Size: 0.015in
Colour Family: Silver
Type: 7 Strand
Finish: Nylon Coated
Material: Stainless Steel
Packaging: 100ft/pk
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