Spacer Bar 4 Hole Bone, Ivory 10/pk

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Bone Spacer Beads
Style: 4 Hole Spacer
Colour: Ivory
Size: 34mm
Qty/Pkg: 10 pieces
Description: Correctly sized to accommodate the genuine or imitation bone or horn hairpipe and tubes that we offer.  Drilled through the thickness of the spacer for a more conventional appearance.

The distinctive look of bone. These bone spacers bring an authentic look to your garments and craft projects. These are real bone spacers made from Water Buffalo bone, and may vary slightly in colour, size and shape.
Size: 34mm
Size in mm: ~37mm x 8.4mm x 4.4mm
Hole Diameter: ~3mm
Hole Tolerance: +/- 0.5mm
Colour Family: Cream
Shape: Rectangle
Type: Spacer
Finish: Polished
Material: Water Buffalo Bone
Origin: India
Packaging: 10/pk
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