4" 12-Compartment Stackable Spinner Containers 6/pk

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Style: Round Stackable Spinner Containers

Size: 4 inch

Colour: Clear

Qty/Pkg: 6 piece set

Description: Stack of 6 small clear plastic containers, great for storing and organizing. Made of durable clear plastic, these containers are sturdy and wear-resistant. The rounded edges help to prevent easy breakage. There are 12 compartments, each featuring a spinner mechanism. This storage system is excellent for grouping like items and the stackable rounds are great when space is limited. Use for small items, such a seed beads, gems, crystals, rhinestone and other nail art. Perfect for a nail tech or jewelry making artist.

Brand: The Beadsmith
Kind: Spinner
Size: 4in
Material: Plastic
Packaging: 6pc Set
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