2mm Crimp Beads Gold 100/pk

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SKU: 24001005-03
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Style: Crimp Beads
Size: 2mm (w) x 1.2mm (l) - 1.2mm hole
Colour: Gold
Qty/Pkg: 100 pieces
Description: Plated brass nickel free crimp beads. Crimp beads are used with all beading wire to secure the start and finish of the strand. Thread through the crimp bead, around the clasp loop, back through the crimp bead and draw the beading wire taut. Then crush the crimp bead flat with needle nose pliers or create a more rounded look with crimp pliers.
Kind: Crimps
Size: 2mm
Colour Family: Gold
Material: Brass
Packaging: 100/pk
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