20g Artistic Wire Non-Tarnish Silver 25ft

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   Artistic Wire are very consistent, though perfect colour matching is not always possible. When comparing different gauges of the same colour Artistic Wire, some colour variation may be noticeable from batch to batch. Some Artistic Wire hues have a tint range within +/- 10%, which the manufacture considers acceptable.

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Artistic Wire

Style: Dead Soft

Size: 20 gauge

Colour: Silver

Qty/Pkg: 25 foot spool

Description: Artistic™ brand wire is made of copper and is permanently coloured with an exclusive enamel coating. It is engineered to resist tarnishing, chipping and peeling. Because it is dead soft, Artistic Wire remains flexible and easy to work with. It retains it's shape, and ensures quality and professional appearance. It can be used for wire wrapping, coiling and twisting, creating handmade findings, and more.

*Silver Plated Artistic Wire is made by plating the copper wire with an added layer of sterling silver which gives the wire a brilliant and permanent shine. Our non-tarnish silver wire offers you the look of precious metal wire without the high cost!

*"Bare" and "tinned" Artistic Wire colors will naturally oxidize and darken over time, to provide a patina that's perfect for creating vintage and antiqued looks

*Stainless Steel wire is made of 304 stainless steel. Steel wire is tougher than copper wire, so use heavy-duty cutters and strong pliers.

*All other options of Artistic Wire are coated with a permanent color for brilliance, making it one of the most popular jewelry making wires on the market. Please note that the colour may come off if the wire is mishandled. ie. soldering, hammering.

Brand: Beadalon
Kind: Artistic Wire
Size: 20 Gauge
Colour Family: Silver
Type: Dead Soft
Finish: Non-Tarnish
Material: Copper
Packaging: 25ft/pk
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