2.5" Bob-Eez No-Tangle Thread Bobbins 8/pk

SKU #: 3780 | Item #: BOB3-R
Bob-Eez No-Tangle Thread Bobbins
Style: BeadSmith Bob-Eez Thread Bobbins
Size: 2.5 inch (64mm)
Colour: Translucent
Qty/Pkg: 8 pieces
Description: Ideal for Macrame and Kumihimo braiding. Bob-EEZ allow users to spool down large spools of thread into smaller, more manageable, user-friendly units.  Bob-EEZ have a patented protective locking feature which prevents threads from unravelling. They are stackable and made from soft plastic.  Use multiple bobbins to secure loose ends and prevent tangles as you work.
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