14 inch Turquoise Green Chainette Fringe by the yard

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Chainette Fringe
Style: 14" Fringe
Size: 14 inch
Colour: Turquoise Green
Qty/Pkg: Sold by the yard
Description: Sold by the yard, Chainette Fringe is easily pulled apart for hand tying, or sewn on the shawl fabric "as-is". Generally, 2-1/2 to 3 yards is adequate to hand-tie an average 60" x 60" shawl. A woman's dance shawl is essential for entering the dance arena, and almost all ladies outfits require a shawl.. Whether in "street clothes", or dance clothes representing a particular tribal style of regalia or dance, the shawl is a universal piece of attire. It is also a popular item in "giveaways". Shawl styles and materials will vary by dance style, but are used or carried by all but Jingle Dancers.
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