12.5x9.25 Non Slip Bead Mat with Measurements 1/pk

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Bead Mat
Style: Laser Printed Non Slip
Size: 12 1/2 x 9 1/4 inch
Colour: Grey
Qty/Pkg: 1 piece
Description: This durable padded beading mat is made of a non-slip, natural rubber base and a durable padded surface. The top of the mat is soft, which helps prevent beads from rolling around! The mat has laser printed measurements on the surface. One side are round bead diameters, a visual guide of bead sizes from 2mm to 16mm. This is a nice feature when you have many pieces on your mat and you need to keep a bead as reference when writing down instructions for your newest masterpiece. The other side is a very handy ruler, which makes measuring quick and easy while working on projects. Measurements are conveniently listed in both inches and centimeters. The mat is completely flat and functions as a general work surface. The mats are excellent for seed beads or other craft projects where a bead board is not required, and you need more room to spread out. The large size will accommodate tools and accessories as well as your project. This is a great addition to your storage supplies kits.
Kind: Bead Mat/Board
Size: 12.5in x 9.25in
Type: Non Slip
Packaging: 1/pk
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