11/0 Delica Bead #0035 Galvanized Silver 5.2g

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11/0 Japanese Delica Beads
Shape: Miyuki Delica
Size: 11/0 (1.6mm x 1.3mm with 0.8mm hole)
Colour: DB0035 Galvanized Silver
Qty/Pkg: 5.2 gram vial (Approx 1040 beads)
Description: Perfectly cylindrical modern Japanese beads with thin walls and large holes. They are smooth, uniform in size and shape which make them perfect for precision work.
Galvanized: Metal plating dyed on the surface of beads. Handle with care. No glazed surface. Colour may rub off from strong friction or may alter or fade from perfume or hand cream. Silver may discolour with detoration over time.
Brand: Miyuki
Kind: Japanese Seed Beads
Size: 11/0
Size in mm: 1.6mm x 1.3mm
Hole Diameter: ~0.8-0.85mm
Colour Family: Silver
Shape: Delica
Type: Galvanized
Material: Glass
Origin: Japan
Packaging: Vial - 2 inch
Durability Chart: View More Info >
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