Deluxe Imitation Porcupine Hair 1oz

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Style: Porcupine Imitation

Size: Approx. 10 inch long

Colour: Natural

Qty/Pkg: 1 ounce

Description: This fine product is the perfect substitute for genuine porcupine guard hair, and it makes tying roaches much faster and less expensive. It is uniform in color, with a tapered tip and base just like real hair and since extra long porky hair is hard to find, as well as expensive, this hair allows you to make a roach with up to 9-1/2” long hair in front without breaking the bank. It is approximately 10" long so the laborious tasks of cleaning and sorting hair are now eliminated, and you can simply trim the hair to the graduated lengths required and start tying! Due to the extra weight of our synthetic hair, almost double the amount is required compared to genuine porky hair. So, for a 15" roach you should order 2-1/2 ounces and for an 18" base, order 3 ounces of Imitation Porky. The low price of this hair makes it an ideal option for new or young craftworkers as well. We've had this tested by experienced roach makers with excellent results, so order yours today and give it a try!

Colour Family: Natural
Type: Porcupine
Finish: Dyed
Material: Synthetic
Packaging: 1oz/pk
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