John James Glovers #1 Needles 5/pk

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John James Needles
Style: Glovers
Size: #1 (Heavy)
Qty/Pkg: 5 pieces
Description: Leather needles are sometimes referred to as Glovers needles because years ago they were used by glovers, who specialised in the art of hand making gloves. These needles are still used today, especially in all types of leather work including shoe making and shoe repairs, belts and leather garments. Leather needles have a triangular point, which enables them to pierce and pass through tough materials such as leather, suede and vinyl without tearing. Packed and inspected in England using needles made in China to European quality and specification. Measures 48.5mm Long x 1.02mm Wide.
Brand: John James
Kind: Leather Needles
Size: 1.5 - 2 inch
Size in mm: 48.5mm L x 1.02mm W
Type: #1
Origin: China
Packaging: 5/pk
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