0.8mm Stretch Magic Clear Elastic Cord 5m

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Elastic Cord

Style: Round rubber cord

Size: 0.8mm

Colour: Clear

Qty/Pkg: 5 metres

Description: The World's best selling stretchy jewelry cord. This high quality elastic beading cord is extremely durable, stretchy and resistant to cracking and breakage. Kids love Stretch Magic for stringing beads, and adults like to use Stretch Magic for bracelet making. Easy to knot, just add a drop of glue for added security. Alternatively, we like to use a 3mm crimp as a quick secure way to finish a project and give it a professional finish. Instructions on back of package.


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Brand: Stretch Magic
Kind: Elastic Cord
Size: 0.8mm
Colour Family: Clear
Shape: Round
Packaging: 5m/pk
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