SS30 (6.4mm) Swarovski Hotfix Hyacinth 72/pk

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SS30 Hotfix Crystal
Style: Swarovski Xilion Rose
Size: 6.4mm
Colour: Hyacinth
Qty/Pkg: 72 pieces
Description: Apply hotfix stones to fabric using an iron or rhinestone applicator tool for more precise application (Stock #1547). Hot Fix stones come from the factory with a heat activated glue already attached to the back of each stone. The glue melts at about 120°C to 170°C (250°F to 340°F)degrees. If you are applying these to items like cell phones, computers, flip flops etc. you can apply them with e-6000 glue (Stock #3599).
Create unforgettable designs with luxurious Swarovski crystal, crafted in Austria to the highest standards of European quality. With captivating sparkle, uniform colors, and precision cut facets, Swarovski crystals are considered among the finest crystal products in the world.
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