Pattern Plains Indian Hi-Top Moccasins

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Style: Plains Indian Hi-Top Moccasins
Size: Men's 7 to 12 and Women's 5 to 10
Qty/Pkg: 1 pattern pack
Description: The Two Piece Hightop Moccasins were traditional to the Plains, Marsh and Woodland Indians of North America. For everyday wear they were worn without decoration, but for ceremonial and best dress they were often highly decorated with paint, porcupine quills, seed beads and other materials. Tribal distinctions were often shown by the type and design of the adornment on the moccasins.
Within a few weeks of entering the fur trade, the clothing of the traders would wear out and most often they quickly adopted the dress and many of the customs of the Indian. Probably the first item of apparel the new "pilgr'ms" purchased or made was a pair of moccasins.
Using this pattern you can create either Soft or Hard Sole Hightop Moccasins and there is a section on "Working with Leather" that is extremely helpful to the new craftsperson.
This pattern includes men's sizes 7 through 12 and women's sizes 5 through 10.
Kind: Moccasins & Mukluks
Size: Men's 7-12 / Women's 5-10
Type: Adult
Packaging: 1 Pattern Pack
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