Jewelry Making Starter Kit

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Jewelry Kit

Style: Starter Set

Size: Assorted Sizes (See Below)

Colour: Mixed Colour

Qty/Pkg: 1 Set

Description: This kit is perfect for the beginner beader. It includes everything you need to get started. Kit includes a variety of beads, findings, cord, wire and a 3 piece plier set.

  • Acrylic Rondelle Bead: 10x6mm, Hole: 1.6mm, 30pcs
  • Acrylic Rondelle Bead: 8x5mm, Hole: 1.4mm, 30pcs
  • Glass Round Bead: 6~7x6mm, Hole: 1mm, 30pcs
  • Glass Round Bead: 8x7mm, Hole: 1mm, 30pcs
  • Glass Round Bead: 6~7mm, Hole: 1mm, 30pcs
  • Glass Round Bead: 8mm, Hole: 1mm, 30pcs
  • Glass Round Bead: 6mm, Hole: 1mm, 30pcs
  • Glass Round Bead: 8mm, Hole: 1mm, 30pcs
  • Jump Ring: 5x0.7mm; about 3.6mm inner diameter, 50pcs
  • Jump Ring: 4x0.7mm; about 2.6mm inner diameter, 50pcs
  • Spacer Bead: 2.4mm, Hole: 0.8mm, 50pcs
  • Filigree Bead: 6mm, Hole: 0.6mm, 20pcs
  • Crimp Bead: 1.5mm, Hole: 0.5mm, 30pcs
  • End Cap: 7.5x4mm, 3mm inner diameter, Hole: 1mm, 30pcs
  • Bead Cap: 9mm, Hole: 1.5mm, 30pcs
  • Head pin: 40x0.7mm, 20pcs
  • Eye Pin: 40x0.7mm, Hole: 2mm, 20pcs
  • Earring Hook: 19mm, Hole: 1.5mm; Pin: 0.7mm, 20pcs
  • Memory Wire: 60x0.8mm, 10 circle
  • Lobster Claw Clasp: 10x5x3mm, Hole: 1mm, 10pcs
  • Round Nose Plier: 12.5cm long, 1pc
  • Chain Nose Plier: 130mm, 1pc
  • Wire Cutting Plier: 110mm, 1pc
  • Elastic Cord: 0.8mm, 2m/color, 8m
  • Nylon Cord: 0.8mm, 2m
  • Clear Elastic Cord: 0.8mm, 1roll
  • Tiger Tail Wire: 0.5mm, 5m
Brand: i-Bead
Kind: Jewelry Kits
Colour Family: Multi Mix
Type: Starter Kit
Packaging: 1 Kit

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