Gem-Tac Embellishing Glue 2oz Bottle

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Style: Gem-Tac Embellishing Glue

Size: 2 ounce (51.15ml)

Colour: Clear

Qty/Pkg: 1 piece

Description: Gem-Tac is a premium quality adhesive formulated specifically to secure gems and rhinestones. One of the only adhesives that is suitable for applying mirror backed stones, as the glue won’t warp or alter the appearance of gems or rhinestones. Finally an adhesive that can bond gems, sequins, glitter, Micro Beads, and rhinestones to fabric. This glue is ideal for attaching rhinestones to porous material (fabric, wood, suede) without damaging the metallic backing. Gem-Tac requires only a small amount to hold; dries clear. Permanent, water-based, non-toxic and washable.

Kind: Gem-Tac
Size: 2oz
Packaging: 1/pk
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