Ornament Kit - Candy Canes - Makes 3

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Ornaments Kit

Style: Candy Canes

Colour: Assorted

Size: 4 inch

Qty/Pkg: 1 Kit (Makes 3 Ornaments)

Description: This DIY kit has all the materials you need to create heirloom quality beaded ornaments that will easily be the highlight of any tree or window. Unlike most candy cane kits, our kit uses cut crystal beads instead plastic, making them shine brighter and last longer. This kit makes three ornaments, one of each color, as pictured.

Each kit includes:
- Jewelry-quality crystal beads chosen specifically for their shine and vibrant colors.
- Crimp beads and crimp covers for beautifully finished ends.
- High-quality craft wire.
- Easy to follow, illustrated instructions.

Embrace a crafty Christmas with our easy to create, hard to forget beaded ornament kits.

Approx. size of each ornament = 4 in. (10 cm) top to bottom
Tools needed = Ruler, wire cutters, crimp tool (recommended but optional), chain-nose pliers, and something for hanging the decorations, such as ribbon, cord, or ornament hangers.
Approx. time need to create = 20-25 minutes per ornament.
Experience needed = Quite easy; using crimp beads and crimp covers may be unfamiliar to some people - but it's really not hard to do.

Brand: Solid Oak, Inc
Kind: Christmas Kits
Size: 4 inch
Colour Family: Multi Mix
Shape: Cane
Material: Crystal, Metal
Packaging: Makes 3
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