Pony Beads 250g - UV Colour Changing & Glow In the Dark Beads

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9mm Pony Beads

Style: Round with Flat Sides

Size: 6x9mm (4mm hole)

Colour: UV Colour Change / Glow In the Dark

Qty/Pkg: 250 grams

Description: These "magic beads" are ultra violet sensitive beads that are translucent and when exposed to ultraviolet radiation instantly change colour, turning pink, purple and yellow (colours may vary by package). When in the dark, these beads glow yellow green. These beads are water-fast and functionality is not decreased by time. Kids and adults alike will love these beads. They make an excellent teaching tool for learning how UV rays affect us, and how well our sunscreen or sunglasses protect us. An easy and fun science project, simply cover the beads with sunscreen or a pair of sunglasses to see how well they protect the beads. Try it with various types of sunscreens or sunglasses to see how the results differ. Pony beads (also known as crow beads) are excellent for crafts that require beads with a larger hole. Popular for native american crafts, general crafts, bead projects for kids, and kandi wear.  Made in the USA.

Size: 6mm x 9mm
Hole Diameter: ~4mm
Colour Family: Clear, Purple, Pink, Blue
Shape: Round
Type: Pony (Crow) Beads
Finish: Glow-in-the-Dark, UV
Material: Plastic
Origin: United States
Packaging: 1000/pk
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