5x8mm Czech Diamonduo Beads Turquoise Bronze 5.5g

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Diamonduo Beads
Style: DiamonDuo
Size: 5mm x 8mm
Colour: Turquoise Bronze
Qty/Pkg: 5.5 gram vial (approx 37 pieces)
Description: A True Gem Among 2 Hole Beads- add a faceted shimmer and shine to your bead designs. Combine DiamonDuos together to create a textured mosaic design. The versatile shape works well with Tango beads and other two holed beads and seed beads.
Brand: Matubo
Kind: DiamonDuo
Size: 5mm x 8mm
Hole Diameter: ~0.7-0.8mm
Colour Family: Turquoise
Shape: Diamond
Type: Opaque
Material: Glass
Origin: Czech Republic
Packaging: Vial - 2 inch
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