22x34mm Cross Hematite Pendant 1/pk

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Hematite Gemstone Pendant
Style: Cross with Silver Cap
Size: 22x34mm Cross
Colour: Gunmetal
Qty/Pkg: 1 piece
Description: It is believed that hematite has the power to dissolve negativity, replacing it with the more positive things in life such as love and friendship. It is also said to help its wearer problem solve, retain knowledge, and enhance memory. Hematite is also believed to have many healing properties. It is said to improve the circulatory system, in particular the way that blood moves throughout the body. It is supposed to help guard against kidney disorders as well as those of the blood and the nervous system. Some even claim that it helps to heal broken bones, reduces inflammation, soothes away leg cramps, and lessens insomnia.
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