ColorEyes Beading #11 Needles 25/pk

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Beading Needles
Style: ColorEyes
Size: #11
Colour: Blue
Qty/Pkg: 25 pieces
Description: ColorEyes beading needles are the perfect tool to have on hand. Often referred to by beaders as "longs”, these stiff needles are very long and fine, making them perfect for passing through rows of beads or even embroidery projects. The eye of the needle is the same width as the rest of the needle, keeping thread in place while working—even during multiple passes through a bead. Color coordinated for your convenience, This needle is great for loom weaving as well as off-loom stitching such as peyote, brick, herringbone and netting. They are fantastic to string seed beads, pearls and sequins. The #11 needles are perfect for use with 8/0 and 11/0 seeds beads. Measures 57mm Long. Made of high carbon steel. 25 pieces per package. Made in India.
Brand: The Beadsmith
Kind: Beading Needles
Size: 2 - 2.5 inch
Size in mm: 57mm
Type: #11
Origin: India
Packaging: 25/pk
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