Bead Working

1 Step Crimp Tool
1 Step Crimp Tool Style: 1 Step Crimp Tool Size: 6.25 Inch Qty/Pkg: 1 piece Description: The Bead Buddy 1...

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All Purpose Soft Grip Scissors 8.25"
Scissors Style: All Purpose Soft Grip Size: 8.25 inch Colour: Blue Qty/Pkg: 1 pair Description: Our all purpose soft grip...

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Bead Funnel Tray
Bead Funnel Tray Style: Craft Medley Bead Funnel Tray with Cap Size: 4 3/4" x 3 5/8" Colour: Pink Qty/Pkg:...

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Bead Mat
Bead Mat Style: Bead Smith Bead Mat Size: 8" x 8" Colour: Beige Qty/Pkg: 2 pieces Description: Create a comfortable...


Bead Nabber
Bead Nabber Style: Loran Bead Nabber Size: Adjustable Colour: White Qty/Pkg: 1 piece Description: Picks up seed beads with a touch. Adjusts...

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Bead Reamer
Bead Reamer Style: Bead Smith Bead Reamer Qty/Pkg: 4 pieces Description: Sometimes the hole in a bead or pearl is too small, is...

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Bead Stopper
Bead Stopper Style: Stop That Bead! Bead Stopper Size: 12x10mm Colour: Nickel Qty/Pkg: 2 pieces Description:  It is the perfect beading accessory!...

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Beadalon Jewel Loom
Beadalon Jewel Loom Style: Bead Loom Size: 2.75" (w) x 10.5" (l) Colour: Blue Qty/Pkg: 1 Loom and Rod Description:...

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Beader's Board
Beader's Board Style: Craft Medley Flocked Beader's Board Size: 9" x14" Colour: Grey Qty/Pkg: 1 piece Description: Molded plastic bead...

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Chain Nose Pliers
Chain Nose Pliers Style: Chain Nose Pliers Size: 2" x 5" Qty/Pkg: 1 piece Description: Designed for crafters. Chain nose...

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Crimp Tool
Crimp Tool Style: Crimp-It Crimping Pliers Size: 2 1/4" x 5" Qty/Pkg: 1 piece Description: A useful tool for a...

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Curved Nose Pliers
Curved Nose Pliers Style: Curved Nose Pliers Size: 2" x 5" Qty/Pkg: 1 piece Description: A useful tool for a...

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Disappearing Ink Pen
Disappearing Ink Pen Style: Dritz® Disappearing Ink Marking Pen Qty/Pkg: 1 piece Description: Air and water soluble ink. Marks can...

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Flat Nose Pliers
Flat Nose Pliers Style: Flat Nose Pliers Size: 2" x 4.5" Qty/Pkg: 1 pieces Description: The perfect edge for creating...

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Jewelry Tweezers
Jewelry Tweezers Style: Jewelry Tweezers Set Size: 4 3/4" Colour: Nickel Qty/Pkg: 4 pieces Description: Great for jewelry makers of...

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Jump Ring Opener
Jump Ring Opener Style: BeadSmith Jump Ring Opener Colour: Nickel Qty/Pkg: 1 piece Description: Open and close jump rings with...

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Knotting Tool
Knotting Tool Style: Dazzle It! Easy Knotter Colour: White Qty/Pkg: 1 piece Description: Creates secure uniform knots. Useful for stringing...

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Long Chain Nose Pliers
Long Chain Nose Pliers Style: Long Chain Nose Pliers Size: 2" x 6" Qty/Pkg: 1 piece Description: Useful tool for a variety...

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Ring Mandrel
Ring Mandrel Style: Steel Ring Mandrel Size: 9.75 inch (Make US Sizes 0-15) Qty/Pkg: 1 piece Description: Ungrooved steel ring...

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Ring Sizer
Ring Sizer Style: Darice® plastic ring sizer Size: 1 to 15 Colour: Black Qty/Pkg: 1 piece Description: Darice® plastic ring...

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